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Author and Illustrator

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"You were made and set here to give voice to this,
your own astonishment."

                       Annie Dillard
                                                      ~Pulitzer Prize-winning author

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Book signing at Larson Heights Elementary, Moses Lake, WA School Visit Information

Give voice to your own astonishment?

As an award-winning author, illustrator, and speaker, it has been my heart-felt mission to inspire hundreds of thousands of students over the past thirty years to do this in their own lives and writing. Why? Because when I was a child, an author never visited my school! As a result I grew up thinking that the authors of the stories I loved had special imaginative abilities I could never have. But now that I am a so-called "real" writer, I know that what they did wasn't beyond me, beyond anyone. What every child should know is that writing is first storytelling. All of us, from toddlers to grandparents, do it everyday. Sharing our experiences is the most fundamental of all human impulses, I believe. So it has been my great joy to bring the message to children that they, too, can be a writer when they "voice their own astonishment". The secret is in tapping into what is truly theirs to share. When they do, like me they discover creative abilities they never dreamed of.
For those educators and parents looking to provide their children with a sure thing, a personable and uplifting "real-live author" experience of the highest quality, and a day of proven instructional content clearly grounded in the application of K-5 Common Core Literacy Standards, I hope you will consider what I can uniquely bring to your school. You'll find, like so many have, that the memories and inspiration will last a lifetime.

My goal is to first inspire, and then enable every child to begin their own original work the day of my visit. To achieve this I present a total of three formal presentations: an All-Grades Assembly, Follow-Up Session #1 for grades K-2, and Follow-Up Session #2 for grades 3-6. And, in addition, I will visit individual classrooms for informal Q & A sessions where time allows.


The All-Grades Assembly chronicles the inspiration, creation, and publication of my first book, Davy's Dream, and is presented in such a way as to give the children the vicarious experience of becoming a published author for the first time. The Follow-Up Sessions are fun, fast-paced, and will equip your students with concrete idea generation techniques, appropriate to age and skill level.

Booking a visit

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Fan letter from a student Fan Mail

"I was a little nervous about meeting a 'real live author' and your gentle kindness put me at ease right way" ~Marie Gibson

"The days directly following your presentations were our parent teacher conferences and I had multiple parents telling me the positive effect you had on their child." ~Diane Wells

"I have never heard so many accolades from students and teachers alike, as after your visit. The resultant writing is still going on, and your books are on hold from now until June. I made sure to tell the kids they can get them at the book store, too!" ~Cathy Comfort

"The response to your words was heartwarming as every student came back eager to try his or her hand at creating a story... every child felt successful and the pride on their faces as they received the laudits from their peers was to be treasured." ~Bonnie Nelson

"I was walking in my neighborhood years ago with my dog, when I started talking with a kid who was on his way home from school. He told me that he had had an author visit at school that day (Templeton Elementary in Tigard). I asked him who it was and he responded that it had been Paul Owen Lewis and that it was 'awesome'! He was so excited about having met a 'real live author', that he started talking with a stranger on the street (who happened to be a school librarian!). His enthusiasm was certainly one of the reasons I decided to join the other Beaverton schools and invite you to Hiteon once again." ~ Jenny Takeda