Paul Owen Lewis
Author and Illustrator

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P. Bear's New Years Party
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P. Bear's New Years Party

Designed to teach beginning readers basic counting, this fresh and imaginative narrative tells how Mr P. Bear decides to throw a formal New year's party, and so invites his "best-dressed" friends. The guests include panda bears, penguins, dairy cows, skunks, and an orca whale - each sporting a black bow tie and all strikingly presented in black-and-white graphics.

A seemingly simple counting book, P. Bear's New Years Party offers the young reader - and the young at heart - much to do, anticipate, and delight in. The book invites readers to count twelve kinds of black-and-white animals, learn from the moving hands of the clock, and watch the sun set and the moon and stars rise as they anticipate the moment when Mr. P. Bear and his guests gleefully shout together... "Happy New Year!!"

~Tricycle Press

  • 54,000 copies sold.

    About this illustration from the artist...

    Truth be told, I probably did this book just to see seventy eight black and white animals trashing a house on New Years eve! It was great fun creating it, and I still enjoy looking at it after all these years.

    - P. O. L.

Happy New Year!

This is a book to teach counting, but it is more than that, in just being plain fun! Numbers are displayed in quantities, in a clock, in words and their varieties. The characters are terrific!
~Anonymous Reader,

Mr. P. Bear