Paul Owen Lewis
Author and Illustrator

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The Jupiter Stone
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The Jupiter Stone
             Hold infinity in the palm of your hand...

A small striped stone tumbles through space before coming to rest on primordial earth. Where did it come from? What can it tell us? And where is it going?

As a glimpse into the infinite, THE JUPITER STONE will inspire more questions than it answers.

~Tricycle Press

About this illustration from the artist...

This painting finally reveals the real scope of this seemingly simple, and now continuing story. It is infinite, eternal. It is also an homage to Vincent Van Gogh's "A Starry Night", one of my all time favorite works of art.

- P. O. L.

Alien Beachscape

With just a few words Paul Owen Lewis tells the most extraordinary story. All the little details of everyday life seem to melt away as you read this book. The stone becomes the center of a great and infinitely more important story. The acrylic illustrations which accompany the minimal text are truly remarkable, both subtle and taut in their clarity. In many of the double-page spreads the stone is the focus, always in the sameplace, and we only see the rest of the world "out of the corner of one eye" and yet it is enough; we know what is happening around the stone. This is a book to be pored over and discussed, timeless and ageless.
~Marya Jansen-Gruber
PreSchool-Grade 3-Text and pictures work together to stretch the minds of viewers in this journey through time and space. A striped stone falls from the sky to Earth and remains buried for millions of years, over the course of many climate changes. Dinosaurs and nomads pass. Then one day, a boy picks it up. He researches its origins, writes to NASA, and the stone is sent on a launch, where an astronaut hurls it into the "vastness of space" for another child to find. The youngster on the planet where it lands looks nothing like a human, but the galaxies whirling overhead hold a beauty of their own. Lewis's shapes and colors of the cosmos have the hypnotic quality of lava lamps. The double-page vistas extend the viewers' sense of the passage of time. These images combine with only a few sentences to stimulate thinking about our place in the universe and the possibility that alternate worlds exist.
~Kathy Piehl, Minnesota State University, Mankato
School Library Journal

The Jupiter Stone